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These fixtures are fully functional and have gone through our rigorous quality control testing process. They work like new with potential signs of wear and tear caused by use in sales demonstrations, promotional content, or a prior sale. Their packaging may be generic. These fixtures are backed by Blizzard’s 90-day warranty.


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Packed with Goodies, Like Mom Used to Pack Your Lunch Box



Packed with Goodies, Like Mom Used to Pack Your Lunch Box


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    * 12 x 15-watt, 6-in-1 RGBAW + UV LEDs * User selectable 6/11 DMX channels * Full color mixing in standalone, master/slave and DMX modes * Built-in automated programs via master/slave * Built-in sound activated programs via master/slave * Easy to use LED digital control panel * 16/32-bit dimming modes * 3-pin male input and 3-pin female output * Dual mounting yoke allows flexibility in positioning * Durable, scratch resistant composite housing * powerCON® compatible AC in/out
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Tough Little Guys

Meet our incredible 6-in-1 LED fixture, the LB PAR™ Hex! With 12x totally bright 15-watt RGBAW+UV 6-in-1 LEDs, LB PAR™ Hex fixtures give you the ability to create any rich, vibrant color you can possibly imagine, plus the option to throw some ultraviolet light into the mix to give off an eerie hue. The cherry on top? These fixtures are solidly built units with durable scratch resistant composite housing and dual mounting brackets for flexible positioning.

Loaded With Features

All the features one can hope for are loaded into the LB PAR™ Hex, including 12 incredible built-in programs with auto mode, sound active mode, strobe effects, 8-bit or 3 user selectable 32-bit dimming curve options. It can perform full RGBAW+UV color mixing with 6/11-channels of DMX, or simply be controlled via its easy-to-use 4-button LED control panel. The LB PAR™ Hex also comes with equipped with powerCON® compatible AC in/out and DMX in/out jacks.

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