Mister Stroboto™

8x 100W White LED Strobe / Blinder + RGB Effects

Mister Stroboto™

Mister Stroboto™

8x 100W White LED Strobe / Blinder + RGB Effects


    * 8x 100W 6500K CTO white LED strobe

    * Background colors via 32x 3W 3-in-1 RGB LEDs

    * IP65 rated, suitable for outdoor use

    * Individually controllable strobe LEDs + 4/8-section RGB cells

    * 1-30Hz strobe, flash duration, and variable/random effects

    * 20 built-in strobe & 20 background color automated programs

    * 15 preset background colors with jump and fade effects

    * Quick mount magnetic lens diffuser

    * 90 degree beam angle

    * Tempered glass lens and watertight internal gaskets

    * 5-pin DMX In/Out + RJ45 etherCON® connections (Art-Net)

    * PowerCON® TRUE1-compatible power in/out connections

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Mister Stroboto™

IP65, 8-Pixel Effects

Not only is Mister Stroboto™ a freakishly talented, IP65 rated white LED blinder with 90° in-your-face strobe effects, the front of the fixture offers 8x individual cells, each containing a 100W white LED (6500k) for super-bright white light output, plus 4x 3W RGB LEDs for spectacular colored background effects, all which are fully programmable for pixel mapping.

Total Control

It also includes a full front magnetic mount diffuser plate for evenly distributed light output. It’s separately configurable strobe programs + colored background macros, variable & linear strobe (1-30Hz), flash duration (0-510ms) settings, and wide a variety of control options will make Mister Stoboto™ a valuable asset in your lighting arsenal.

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