Steam • LO™ Low-Lying Fog Fluid

Steam • LO™


SKU: 124000

  • Low-Lying Fog Fluid
  • Leaves Little to No Residue or Contamination
  • Designed For Use With Any Water Based Fog Machine 700 Watts or Higher
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Product Summary

In Steamy Terms

Shawty got low with this lying fog fluid with precise formulation for massive dry ice-style effects. Low-key steamy like "mommy/daddy time" in a PG-13 movie, except without the awkward sideways glances at your kids and spouse.

A low-lying fog fluid that produces thick, dense, low fog effects, making it the perfect pair with a fog chiller. Steam • LO™ remains dry and odorless and leaves little to no residue, plus, contains all FDA approved chemicals with no Glycerin. Use in any water-based (> 700W) fog machine!



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