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MovieTowne ups its game with the Motif Sketch


Create a vibrant, mythical world for cinema-goers & mall patrons alike at the newest MovieTowne venue in Guyana, a “homecoming project” for its founder.


Michael Pereira of Streamline Systems chose 150+ Blizzard fixtures for a combination of LED wash, effect & moving lights to bring the entire venue’s concept to life.


Vivid colors & artifacts now greet visitors beyond their imagination, offering a one-of-a-kind shopping, dining & entertainment experience.

MovieTowne was just a dream of Derek Chin’s back in 1999, but over 20 years, that dream has manifested into a thriving empire of movie theaters and entertainment venues. Derek’s dream of a high-quality space for family entertainment became a reality in November 2002 with the opening of the ten-screen MovieTowne Port of Spain.

Over the years, steady growth called for the opening of the Chaguanas location (8 screens); Tobago (4 screens); and San Fernando (9 screens). Having grown up in Guyana, Derek, now Chairman, set his eyes on turning MovieTowne into a regional brand by bringing it back to his homeland.

With four locations under its belt, the MovieTowne group knew it needed to up its game. A budget of $40 million was assigned to the mall + cinema project, and decisions were not being left to chance. The AVL installation experts at Streamline Systems were called in to work with the design team to create a mythical world where dragons would be featured in the theater’s lobby. Michael Pereira, Director of Streamline Systems, took charge of the project and spent weeks bouncing ideas & concepts around with designer Roger Myers, of Myers Design Services. Seeing the lobby, they knew if there was ever an opportunity to light a setting in far out colors, this was it!

Motif™ Sketch

7x 3W 3-in-1 RGB LEDs, IP65

Cue: Blizzard Lighting

Pereira & the team agreed that the perfect solution was a package of RGBAW+UV 6-in-1 LED fixtures from entertainment lighting pros Blizzard Lighting to give them ultimate flexibility, plus the added pop of UV for those eerie dragons.

To start, 28 of Blizzard Lighting’s Colorise EXA fixtures formed uplights on the main perimeter wall, while an additional six units formed the main spotlights focused on the featured dragons.

Colorise EXA is fitted with 12x15W RGBAW+UV LEDs, built-in AnyFi wireless control & is ETL-listed. Sixteen of the compact, yet powerful Motif Sketch fixtures were a perfect fit for lobby lighting, as they were discreetly placed among bushes & artifacts. “These fixtures really filled in the gaps and brought the venue together as a holistic environment,” said Pereira. Blizzard Lighting’s Motif Sketch features 7x3W RGB LEDs & is also IP65-rated for outdoor use.

While independent DMX control of fixtures offers ample chases movement, Pereira wanted one last effect, a bit of a surprise to really catch some eyes. The team installed two Blizzard Lighting G-Mix 200 moving spots for CMY color mixing, plus custom-made Rosco gobos to show off the MovieTowne logo, visible amongst the lobby trees or while moving gracefully across the floor.

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Two large murals are featured on front-to-back walls of the lobby. One wall measures an impressive 71 x 35 feet, but is washed out with natural light, which leaves a challenge for artificial lighting. The solution? Streamline specified Blizzard Lighting’s (ETL-listed, IP65-rated) TOURnado WiMAX QZoom 12x 15W RGBW fixture & took advantage of its 8°-50° zoomable beam to create an ever-moving landscape of dynamic colors.

Just opposite is a 38 x 16-foot wall, situated between massive windows & LED video screen. Streamline returned to Blizzard Lighting, installing 20 Motif Vignette linear fixtures (18x 10W RGB+WW LEDs) in a double line to ensure adequate brightness & chase control via DMX.

Pereira’s team wanted to take advantage of the structural columns, thus deciding to illuminate their edges with RGB LED ribbon tape light. With each column on each floor on its own DMX address, Streamline tied together the columns & walls all via touch screen control. As part of the complete venue project, Pereira & his team also incorporated lighting designs throughout the mall. Almost one mile of high-powered, 120V LED ribbon tape light was installed throughout the mall to bring everything together.

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