Kryo.Mix™ CMY 350W CMY Beam/Spot/Wash

Kryo.Mix™ CMY


SKU: 123776

  • 350W Beam/Spot/Wash 3-in-1 Moving Head
  • Light Source: YODN R17 350W, 8000K
  • CMY Color Mixing and 15 Colors (+White)
  • 1.5°- 35° Fast Linear Zoom
  • 2x Gobo Wheels w/Bidirectional Rotation + Shake
  • Rotating 12/36-Facet Prism
  • Electronic Focus
  • 1-18/second Strobe
  • 5-Button LCD Control Panel
  • Pan: 540º/ Tilt: 280º (8-16 Bit Resolution)
  • Variable Electronic Dimmer (0 – 100%)
  • Color+Gobo+Prism+Strobe Automatic Operation
  • 21/23/28-channel DMX Modes
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Loaded with Features

CMY color mixing system + dual gobo wheels, zoom, electronic focus, 12 or 36-facet prism FX, and tons more.

Product Summary

Buy One, Get Three

Kryo.Mix™ CMY is a powerful 3-in-1 beam/spot/wash moving head that is loaded with advanced optics, mechanics, and electronic technology, all built around an extremely bright 350W discharge lamp. It features a 1.5- 35° zoom that can provide super sharp narrow or wide beam aerial effects with highly saturated colors via its CMY color mixing system.

CMY Color Mixing

The CMY color mixing system of the Kryo.Mix™ CMY consists of 3 color wheels with gradual CMY fade, and 5 color filters on each wheel for a total of 15 static colors + white. Other features include 540/280° pan and tilt, dual gobo wheels, 12/36-facet rotating prism, zoom, focus, shake, frost, and strobe for an endless amount of effects.



Light source: 350W YODN R17 discharge lamp

Beam angle: 1.5°- 35°

Color temperature: 8000K

Luminous intensity:

43,292 Lux @ 2m (wide)
130,947 Lux @ 5m (narrow)
7,664 Lux @ 5m (wide)

Gobo Size:

9.9mm O.D., 5.5mm I.D.


Pan: 540 degree (8-16 bit)

Tilt: 280 degree (8-16 bit)


Protocol: USITT DMX-512

21/23/28-channel DMX modes

Standalone, master/slave, auto mode

3/5-pin XLR Male / 3-5-pin XLR female

4-button LCD control panel


100-240VAC, 50-60 Hz

Power consumption: 393W, 3.35A, PF: .98


2-year limited warranty